Disposable Skin Stapler



Sharten the time of suture  

Easy to operate  

Good for wound healing


Detailed Introduction


We are a manufacturer of the disposable skin staplers,Our skin staplers had been well sold in local and overseas markets. OEM cooperation and orders are also welcomed.




Operating Room;

Labor and Delivery;

Emergency Department;

Outpatient Surgery ;

Clinics and physician's office;



1.Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate

2.Small stitched wound ,avoid injury to epidermal tissue again and good for wound healing

3.Smooth stitched wound and small scar after operation

4.Shorten time for operaton and decrease the pain for patients

5.Disposable Steriled Products, Cheap and avoid the cross infection of many contagious diseases



Stapler type: 35W

Wire diameter: 0.60 mm
Size after closure: 7.5 x 4.3 mm



This kind of product had got the CE and ISO13485 ISO9001 certificates 


Using Instructions of LMPF Disposable Skin Stapler


1.To clean the skin of wound and incision for operation and hold the skin stapler in hand to keep the skin stapler is vertical to the skin and make sure the incision is in the middle of the stapler pin and then press to the skin. 


2.Hold tightly the movable handle until the stapler pins finish the suture of the skin.      

 The  handle must be pressed until the operation is finished and it can’t be loosen during suturing period


3.Loosen the movable handle and to take suture site as the center to lift the end of stapler by anticlockwise to withdraw the stapler .


4.To repeat the operation above for the residual suturing operation to finish the skin suture of the trauma or incision.



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