Procedure applications:

1. The absence of any metallic parts is a positive safety factor with respect to electrical


2. The light weight of the trocar combined with a specific thread give excellent stability

and cause minimal trauma to the abdominal wall.

3. The conical tip with lateral ridge spreads the muscle fibres apart, thus reducing trauma

to the tissues.

4. The sharped head to the cannula makes it easier to insert instruments using on hand



No knife design

-The less abdominal harm

-Save the operation time

-Reduced postoperative pain


The trocar with no knife expansion type

-Avoid the abdominal wall and vascular harm by expanding organization;

-Dull, no knife design make sure to protect visceral organ;

-Minimally invasive trocar head without fascial suture.


Universal switch cap

-Meet the instrument from 5mm-12mm go through;

-No need replacing switch cap during operation;

-Good sealing design,protect the pneumoperitoneum;

-12mm trocar support 30 °  guided puncture in endoscope.


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